GQS are a part of GEG Asia Pacific.

GEGAP (Global Energy Group Asia Pacific) was started in 2011 and consists of Vertech USA, Cunningham Construction, Global Resources and GQS.

Vertech USA – Vertech USA are a Specialist Access, Inspection, Maintenance, and Integrity Engineering Services company based in Houston, USA.

Cunningham Construction – Cunningham Construction are a premier supplier of personnel to the Oil & Gas, Marine & Offshore and Mining industries worldwide.

Global Resources – Global Resources has a well-earned reputation for being synonymous with cost-effective delivery of high quality, fully-integrated people management solutions.

GQS – GQS are an international provider of technical & quality assurance services. We combine specialist engineering knowledge with industry-wide quality process experience to deliver optimised solutions.

GEGAP has, and owns offices in Perth Australia, Gladstone Australia, Houston USA, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, and New Plymouth New Zealand.

GEGAP maintains a minority interest in Vertech, Vertech NZ and Geo Oceans as GEG has a reduced ownership of 20% in the companies.

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