Design Review

Reassurance that equipment is in line with all standards.

GQS’ Independent Design Review service provides confidence that your equipment design is in conformance with all applicable design and functional standards and codes. Design review is an independent review of the client’s engineering design package of an equipment or a process in line with documented standards, codes and specifications. The scope of review is to check equipment’s design capability for the defined operating conditions in line with the above codes. The review process aims to identify errors or failures of the equipment and processes.


  • Carry out a thorough review of the design documents and material specification as per the applicable standards.
  • Reviewing the safety critical aspects of the design in line with the design standards or codes by carrying out independent calculation checks.


  • Drawings – General Arrangement and Part drawings
  • Material Specifications
  • Design Parameters
  • Calculations (Optional)


  • Design Review Certificate (DRC)


  • Provides confidence in design compliance of the equipment with the standard and codes.
  • Contributes to duty holder’s responsibility to demonstrate that risks are As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP)
  • Contributes to cost reduction by identifying and eliminating problems rite at the design stage.

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